RetroMC Ban Database - Connected to LMBD

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is the Integrated Legacy Minecraft Ban System (LMBS)
The LMBS is a centralized ban system designed for the Legacy Minecraft Community. The system has been created to facilitate cross-server banning across participating servers in the Legacy Community. The website also provides a system for administrators and users to view all bans, and player history, alongside attached evidence.

To make a ban appeal, please get in touch with the server that initially banned you. If that server is currently offline, you may contact any other server utilizing the LMBS to request an unban. If you still have questions, please contact

Due to current limitations, we aren't permitting any new servers to join the LMBS system. Development has been started on a significant replacement version known as LMBS V2.0, which will resolve these issues and permit additional access. If you want read access to the database however, please contact Johny Muffin#9406 on Discord, or email

In order to facilitate the smooth operation of the LMBS, multiple rules exist that servers must abide by.
1. Unbans must go through the server that originally banned the user. The only exception is when the server that initially banned the player is no-longer online. In thise case, any server is allowed to unban the user in question. Server staff can issue server-specific exceptions using /mbexceptions add (username).
2. The banning of players must only occur for genuine testing and development purposes. Players must not be "JBanned" as a joke, meme, or etc.
3. Participating servers must only provide LMBS commands to players they consider trustworthy. It is recommended that the ban command and exception command are provided to all staff, however, the unban command is restricted to admins or owners. A well-implemented RBAC is not only vital for any server, however, helps ensure that servers are following these guidelines.
4. It is heavily recommended that evidence is attached for any bans longer than one week. However, we understand that some servers find the current evidence system a burden or keep proof using their own internal systems. Due to this, adding evidence to bans isnā??t enforced. Please note other servers may choose not to acknowledge bans that donā??t have any attached evidence.