RetroMC Ban Database - Connected to LMBD

A global bans list designed for the Minecraft legacy community.



Bans Received

Ban ID Admin Reason Expiry Server Ban Active IssuedUNIX
e2ce1 calvin Major Griefing Permanent Old School Minecraft false
29d60 SleepingCoconut INVALID/COMPROMISED ACCOUNT - PARDONED Permanent Old School Minecraft false

Bans Issued

Ban ID Player Reason Expiry Server Ban Active IssuedUNIX
4c9f8 Widmo420 Griefing, Failure to Comply Jun 30, 2024 10:04:38 AM RetroMC false
566c9 Nuhu Racism, NSFW Permanent RetroMC true
fc7f9 Kszempiak Racism Permanent RetroMC true
9a6b0 NinkyStigger48 Racist Username Permanent RetroMC true
7bc33 ErikTheRedJr Hacking, X-Ray Permanent RetroMC true
0d66d Maslic Major Griefing, Crop Stealing Permanent RetroMC true
efc20 AjerZero Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
25f40 adrianbvillafran COPPA violation - under the age of thirteen Permanent RetroMC true
4d66f Alposaurus Violation of COPPA - under the age of thirteen Permanent RetroMC true
568b0 Im_a_bonemeal NSFW Permanent RetroMC true
a895c hugomcraft70 Minor Griefing Apr 21, 2024 5:42:56 PM RetroMC false
f885f KatKickerz Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
fc074 Runelonin Altering Build Without Permission Apr 16, 2024 2:29:48 PM RetroMC false
5b64f Ake21 Minor Griefing Apr 12, 2024 2:26:42 PM RetroMC false
c0cf3 JeppsDoudid Griefing Apr 20, 2024 8:44:32 PM RetroMC false
6df30 TripppyTrippp Griefing, Hacking Permanent RetroMC true
3cbca RhaegarTargary3n X-Ray Permanent RetroMC true
85648 N30X_ Griefing, Failure to Comply with Staff Permanent RetroMC true
71d61 xDanko Bigotry Permanent RetroMC true
6ac5d GMGK6282 Minor Griefing Mar 27, 2024 7:27:24 PM RetroMC false
a3bb1 nazarspider Hacking Permanent RetroMC true
8d1ca matteya77 Minor Griefing Mar 25, 2024 11:13:06 AM RetroMC false
8e1f5 Ramsi2 Griefing Mar 31, 2024 11:12:03 AM RetroMC false
04174 FRYZKES Minor Griefing Mar 27, 2024 10:59:52 AM RetroMC false
97c37 Kezzha Hacking Permanent RetroMC true
7142d DitsPyshny Minor Griefing Mar 14, 2024 2:57:19 PM RetroMC false
fae25 TheFallenLeader Advertising Permanent RetroMC true
aa513 colejeffrey Minor Griefing Feb 27, 2024 7:22:15 PM RetroMC false
92fee alfie7391 Minor Griefing, Altering Build Feb 29, 2024 12:47:13 PM RetroMC false
08507 Synethic223 Minor Griefing Feb 28, 2024 7:47:29 PM RetroMC false
39e19 taro150 Nazi skin Permanent RetroMC true
05060 UndeadVaquero Racism, Assisting in Trapped Portal Permanent RetroMC true
577b4 sle3by_ Racism Permanent RetroMC true
c1959 crispy_squid_ Minor Griefing Jan 20, 2024 7:25:06 PM RetroMC false
3ee74 kianzozo Attempted Player Killing, Refusal to Listen to Staff, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
f60ae Farlands_Guy Minor Griefing Jan 16, 2024 7:20:27 AM RetroMC false
30b72 RotynMc Transfer of Ban from Discord to Server (Racism) Permanent RetroMC true
e07af TK12Sox Violating COPPA regulations, under the age of thirteen Permanent RetroMC true
0733a qc_kubek Minor Griefing Jan 14, 2024 1:07:02 PM RetroMC false
1151b SomeCallMeLuke Modifying Build Without Permission Jan 12, 2024 9:49:46 AM RetroMC false
7ad25 NinjxMarv Griefing, Collaborative Trolling Permanent RetroMC true
e9787 ImSirRichi Multiple Rule Infractions Permanent RetroMC true
8d4b5 TheSeryTing Minor Griefing Jan 4, 2024 5:14:43 PM RetroMC false
43f35 iccd Minor Griefing Jan 6, 2024 2:51:15 PM RetroMC false
bfd53 M2S022 Minor Griefing, Altering Build, Refusal to Listen to Staff Jan 3, 2024 4:38:03 PM RetroMC false
0a126 TKellyyyy Minor Griefing Dec 22, 2023 10:43:16 AM RetroMC false
c42ec MilanYVR Minor Griefing Dec 22, 2023 3:13:38 PM RetroMC false
0908d ze4 Griefing Dec 25, 2023 7:52:43 PM RetroMC false
b21f1 Phyx_l Racism, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
b3e37 CrudetOXIc Griefing, Racism Permanent RetroMC true
b53fb SeaboardAtlantic Minor Griefing Dec 19, 2023 7:31:04 PM RetroMC false
bebfa RussEfarmer Minor Griefing Dec 21, 2023 7:26:44 PM RetroMC false
38d28 Comrade275 Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
0c577 pointlessdude Stealing Crops, Didn't Replant Dec 18, 2023 9:34:56 PM RetroMC false
e3a32 SteveBestSkin Mute Evasion Dec 18, 2023 9:08:15 PM RetroMC false
b0120 Lukiek Minor Griefing Dec 10, 2023 3:56:52 PM RetroMC false
a7d65 mop314159265 Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
7e7f8 SpeakerPro2YT Griefing, Refusing to listen to staff Permanent RetroMC false
f307b DMounth Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
174bf Hexa_hex_666 Violation of COPPA regulations - under the age of thirteen Permanent RetroMC true
6a90b VindiFindi Minor Griefing Nov 25, 2023 8:48:41 AM RetroMC false
41bea teevee4_ Racism - Appeal Accepted, Ban Reduced to 1 month Mar 21, 2024 12:55:37 PM RetroMC false
0c849 bobatealee Griefing Nov 29, 2023 3:27:59 PM RetroMC false
c8ebc Ddolf Nazi skin Permanent RetroMC true
80728 sanstoitniloi Taking over another player's base, Minor Griefing Nov 25, 2023 10:12:56 AM RetroMC false
1a850 pizza_225 Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
19130 Hizuho Minor Griefing Nov 22, 2023 7:32:16 PM RetroMC false
0f69f smb3 Griefing Nov 26, 2023 7:25:48 PM RetroMC false
c2b87 bruh45635476 Racism, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
e6c2e jubh Mute Evasion Nov 25, 2023 3:03:01 PM RetroMC false
d4378 MS_Itachi Minor Griefing Nov 9, 2023 4:47:34 PM RetroMC false
1e23a catgamer7 Mute Evasion Nov 20, 2023 2:29:13 PM RetroMC false
8703c ilyas Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
1c628 Sheeper84324 Griefing Nov 11, 2023 4:41:11 PM RetroMC false
01cb3 Valent1LaLicorne Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
8c9e7 RolfieBoy Minor Griefing Oct 28, 2023 3:51:40 PM RetroMC false
a25ca ShlumNuts Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
d535c ahri_29 Nazism, NSFW Permanent RetroMC true
ffda5 owensed01 Minor Griefing Oct 26, 2023 9:06:57 PM RetroMC false
3ed90 TheProGuy Minor Griefing Oct 26, 2023 3:34:00 PM RetroMC false
3dbbf NormalSctEnjoyer Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
90d0a Mr_Hurbundurger Bigotry - Second Offense Permanent RetroMC true
6fb2e DerpedBoi Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
e935f IAmLavacano Griefing Oct 31, 2023 6:30:30 PM RetroMC false
ba68c engenheiro X-ray Permanent RetroMC false
b8fc5 jnurii Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
d7526 GabiCraft47 Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
213f0 Parsphere Minor Griefing Oct 16, 2023 9:37:41 AM RetroMC false
068dd AquoRQ_YT Griefing and Nazism Permanent RetroMC true
2f3d4 ReelPlox Multiple Rule Infractions (Bigotry, NSFW, Staff Disrespect, Staff Threats, Mute Evasion) Permanent RetroMC true
afa67 Analogue_ Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
dd9c6 Maximus_yt Minor Griefing, Refusing to listen to Staff Oct 10, 2023 2:06:12 PM RetroMC false
c9449 admiralfrisk Griefing Oct 14, 2023 1:46:28 PM RetroMC false
6dfee HedgehogRobo COPPA violation - under the age of thirteen Permanent RetroMC true
d0ddb 88mustanggt NSFW Username Oct 5, 2023 10:42:23 AM RetroMC false
b75b1 GualtieroBianchi Racism, Minor Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
6f897 IhebTate X-ray; ban transfered from AlphaPlace (ID 7a0f9) Permanent RetroMC true
99ead noc11 Failure to replant crops Sep 29, 2023 10:20:03 PM RetroMC false
96ed0 NateGus Failure to replant crops Sep 29, 2023 10:19:54 PM RetroMC false
cd02b ytkinxxx Minor Griefing Sep 26, 2023 4:20:07 PM RetroMC false
0bb89 Kenndo Griefing, Altering Builds, Renovating a house not owned by the player Permanent RetroMC true
52a3d Undercovercreepr Griefing Oct 2, 2023 4:02:10 PM RetroMC false
c7165 iLovetoTouchKjds NSFW username Permanent RetroMC true
c9ce5 king_alwin Griefing Sep 27, 2023 4:27:20 PM RetroMC false
de350 engenheiro Griefing, Claiming Abandoned Build Oct 2, 2023 5:14:33 PM RetroMC false
d08bb KyleGeil COPPA Permanent RetroMC true
0e977 bmo_btw Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
b3a05 Abigarich Racism, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
20245 yalloww Griefing + Altering Builds Sep 16, 2023 4:30:34 PM RetroMC false
0f2a8 Korovka Griefing Sep 16, 2023 8:06:12 AM RetroMC false
ce821 kaphhh Minor Griefing Sep 7, 2023 8:46:41 AM RetroMC false
9a65d foreign_rushhy Griefing Sep 18, 2023 8:43:38 AM RetroMC false
dd23c Boolymon Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
0183c lego9frog Griefing and Altering Builds Permanent RetroMC true
e5d99 Caringcj2013 COPPA regulations, under the age of thirteen Permanent RetroMC true
3fdab TheGreatMatthias Mute Evasion, Staff Disrespect Sep 6, 2023 6:57:58 PM RetroMC false
c5f69 YouSuck Griefing Aug 30, 2023 6:54:24 AM RetroMC false
b8ce5 FiroPiro COPPA Permanent RetroMC true
ed71f hazjosh Minor Griefing Aug 19, 2023 1:43:19 AM RetroMC false
e3f8b Loot_Lord6000 COPPA Permanent RetroMC true
f44d4 shueppsh Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
06e30 JeffTheNotepad Multiple Rule Infractions Permanent RetroMC true
1a7a3 loltered Failure to replant crops Jul 28, 2023 12:27:37 PM RetroMC false
e8e89 Frank_the_Fridge Multiple Rule Infractions Permanent RetroMC true
e7502 ArtturiH Mute Evasion Jul 28, 2023 9:56:48 AM RetroMC false
780f3 TK12Sox Mute Evasion Jul 28, 2023 9:43:22 AM RetroMC false
72326 bwinb Griefing Jul 20, 2023 11:36:31 PM RetroMC false
782d3 liamcoolcool Minor Griefing Jul 17, 2023 11:25:41 PM RetroMC false
1c6af familygathering Minor Griefing Jul 17, 2023 11:08:48 PM RetroMC false
ad781 D0GS_ COPPA Permanent RetroMC true
d8af1 NerveLess_ Griefing and Altering Builds, Third Offense Permanent RetroMC true
dc872 CrashedFromUSA Griefing - Second Offense Permanent RetroMC true
2dce6 K1ng_sigma Griefing May 31, 2023 10:19:14 AM BetaLands false
af92e Zonitaro COPPA Permanent RetroMC true
c97c9 lucapizza04 Nazism Permanent BetaLands true
2d4f4 slavik Minor Griefing and Disrespect May 22, 2023 7:58:06 AM BetaLands false
f0f26 NerveLess_ Griefing and Altering Builds May 11, 2023 1:36:45 PM RetroMC false
437d0 arkcd Griefing and Altering Builds Permanent RetroMC true
85c76 bIGNigga Racism and Disrespect Permanent RetroMC true
ce206 BorysNiedwecki Griefing Bait Block Permanent RetroMC true
c9978 Spuffy_ Griefing May 1, 2023 10:30:05 PM RetroMC false
2334e solimanfouad69__ COPPA Regulations Permanent BetaLands true
49ea9 AreHacker Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
73823 OofyHD Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
f66c8 Burgerseed Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
df2f9 Zernylus Player Killing Permanent RetroMC true
7bc52 Alexander06092 Griefing - Second Offense Apr 7, 2023 11:29:04 AM RetroMC false
86bf0 Minecraft123549 COPPA Permanent RetroMC true
356de mirusonechka Minor Griefing Mar 29, 2023 7:42:05 PM RetroMC false
6503d Dcaas_I Minor Griefing Mar 28, 2023 9:42:56 PM RetroMC false
df977 buddyandmarly Violation of COPPA regulations - under the age of 13 Permanent RetroMC true
05c6e UR_Weeb_ Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
92f3a Rinix_ Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
d84f5 MaccDen Griefing Permanent RetroMC false