RetroMC Ban Database - Connected to LMBD

A global bans list designed for the Minecraft legacy community.



Bans Received

Ban ID Admin Reason Expiry Server Ban Active IssuedUNIX
3b7df CruxyMC Peta Violations, War Crimes, Commiting Cardnal Sins Jun 21, 2024 3:52:35 PM RetroMC false
f8d80 CruxyMC Peta Violations, War Crimes Jun 20, 2024 3:52:10 PM RetroMC false
4d25f CruxyMC Peta Violations Jun 20, 2024 3:51:03 PM RetroMC false
01ebc CruxyMC Peta Violations Jun 20, 2024 3:50:23 PM BetaLands false

Bans Issued

Ban ID Player Reason Expiry Server Ban Active IssuedUNIX
0d765 XxBoredFairxX COPPA regulations under age of thirteen Permanent RetroMC true
2d09c Kentosanz_ Altering Build Jul 10, 2024 6:03:21 PM RetroMC false
684b7 kanekicsm Altering Build, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
a6cc5 theencomputers Altering Build Jul 12, 2024 5:47:21 PM RetroMC true
5efc8 Lexonaut3255 Altering Build, Building in Player Built land without permission Jul 15, 2024 10:13:36 PM RetroMC true
cf71d Jakeiqoo Altering Build Jul 11, 2024 8:11:07 PM RetroMC false
68530 pikxel Minor Griefing Jul 9, 2024 9:05:28 PM RetroMC false
fa9c0 Jestone9 Altering Build Jul 9, 2024 9:01:55 PM RetroMC false
646a1 Gherafix Minor Griefing Jul 5, 2024 3:58:50 PM RetroMC false
db0c5 feleczix Altering Build, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
15c7b Glacialix Advertising Permanent RetroMC true
bd118 Brewybleh Advertising Permanent RetroMC true
e960f schwabedabel Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
0faa7 FroggersGaming Nazism Permanent RetroMC true
7f057 wrinklenose997 Racism Permanent RetroMC true
e2bef T14_811 Nazism, Racism Permanent RetroMC true
af9bb XXX_Hitler_XXX Nazi Username Permanent RetroMC true
13ba1 hockeyspycat Minor Griefing Jun 26, 2024 4:55:11 PM RetroMC false
b0ab6 LiamLikesSharks Minor Griefing Jun 23, 2024 7:44:49 PM RetroMC false
7022d y0sh1n Xray Permanent RetroMC true
3bddf WorldPluto09 COPPA under age of thirteen Permanent RetroMC true
ef159 SoleGazelle3623 Xray Permanent RetroMC true
397b3 javarunntime Altering town land without permission Jun 14, 2024 5:30:07 PM RetroMC false
0f16e Shampooboots Claiming someones house Jun 7, 2024 5:15:28 PM RetroMC false
73ae4 Infinite8 Botting, spamming Permanent RetroMC false
1de5c TurtleMc0 Griefing May 28, 2024 11:58:49 AM RetroMC false
8eae3 Two_th Attempting to exploit (poorly) and/or trolling May 14, 2024 9:12:36 PM RetroMC false
f796f MrOlmec Minor Griefing May 6, 2024 1:05:43 PM RetroMC false
537d1 hatthewmill Minor Griefing Apr 19, 2024 5:39:22 PM RetroMC false
72515 DaAimers Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
ebcc0 lexy2078 Xray Permanent RetroMC true
dd5c9 Galaxy_Doge6847 Second Offense, Minor Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
62d7d AndreLaga Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
ce07f TransRightslgbtq Bigotry Permanent RetroMC true
c0869 Overflippy360 Racism Permanent RetroMC true
07ef0 Krispy453 Racism, Lavacast Permanent RetroMC true
3bd16 1ed3 Speedhacking Permanent RetroMC true
d465d Waddleboney Minor Griefing, Altering Build Apr 7, 2024 1:55:40 PM RetroMC false
dde19 NunnhemBunny Minor Griefing Mar 30, 2024 9:56:32 PM RetroMC false
78f7c StaleBiskutt Xray Permanent RetroMC true
6c26d alosinkais Racism Permanent RetroMC true
5f914 stedmangg Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
bd50b wypierdalaj Killed Dog, Second Offense Apr 5, 2024 2:35:08 PM RetroMC false
50792 SapphicPuppy NSFW username Permanent RetroMC false
b383c Bornana69 Drama, Staff Disrespect Permanent RetroMC true
c30d0 IonutJoc Racism Permanent RetroMC true
54740 DuckdragonHunter Minor Griefing Mar 10, 2024 7:08:38 AM RetroMC false
1b97f tamas2222 Minor Griefing Mar 9, 2024 2:57:30 PM RetroMC false
371a6 Queonda55 Minor Griefing Mar 13, 2024 2:51:46 PM RetroMC false
d6aa8 CMarco_ Ban Appeal Accepted Mar 9, 2024 5:08:57 PM RetroMC false
52e23 sxnowo Minor Griefing Mar 6, 2024 4:46:48 PM RetroMC false
15d39 Tranquill0 Minor Griefing Feb 28, 2024 1:59:15 PM RetroMC false
74e64 _Mc_Creeper Minor Griefing Feb 28, 2024 6:44:47 AM RetroMC false
c04dc TheCoolRock85 Major Griefing, Breaking Houses Without Permission Permanent RetroMC true
4aa6a YumeCulture Minor Griefing/ Altering Build Without Permission Mar 6, 2024 3:49:23 PM RetroMC false
bc761 TristyGamer11 Ban Transferred from OSM Permanent RetroMC true
2e6ce wheatsauce Staff Disrespect Permanent RetroMC true
b50f7 Crazybloglog Griefing Feb 27, 2024 7:45:40 PM RetroMC false
a0ae6 Birbia COPPA under the age of thirteen years of age Permanent RetroMC true
3ad7e Looiz69 Racism Permanent RetroMC true
81078 MereGlue8332 Minor Griefing Feb 12, 2024 2:53:37 PM RetroMC false
455bf Tripnok Multiple Rule Infractions Permanent RetroMC true
55bfe Klez_01 Speed Hack Permanent RetroMC true
9fd3b tabbifox Minor Griefing Jan 24, 2024 11:54:36 AM RetroMC false
873ef DuskTheOne Afk Farming Jan 28, 2024 9:58:39 AM RetroMC false
66081 TheeRider Autoclicker/Afk Farming Permanent RetroMC false
8b41d 1_4_8_8 Nazism Permanent RetroMC true
edb4c CatlessCat Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
d6eb9 Duesei Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
23874 jonny3302 Minor Griefing Jan 15, 2024 4:39:37 AM RetroMC false
e4153 pizzagelion Minor Griefing Jan 13, 2024 4:28:50 AM RetroMC false
e2b06 qoij Xray Permanent RetroMC true
3cf3e tetra8 Minor Griefing Jan 11, 2024 2:56:03 AM RetroMC false
e3c89 yoobin__ Minor Griefing Jan 15, 2024 2:32:33 AM RetroMC false
b9d4b Durag_Daniels Racism Permanent RetroMC true
2565d iKolossal Minor Griefing Jan 4, 2024 1:10:35 PM RetroMC false
a5afd KakNaVoyne NSFW Jan 4, 2024 6:20:17 PM RetroMC false
9e0bd S0lon Altering Build Without Permission Permanent RetroMC true
ee295 xXspringcalebXx Minor Griefing Jan 2, 2024 8:53:43 AM RetroMC false
a0024 SelectaCs Minor Griefing Jan 6, 2024 8:19:03 AM RetroMC false
5e2f4 CallumBlackGames Minor Griefing Jan 6, 2024 7:56:41 AM RetroMC false
562f9 VanBuren368 Minor Griefing Jan 2, 2024 7:52:01 AM RetroMC false
739ca powerpuff05 Building on someone else's land, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
34ea1 tanikokos206 Under the age of thirteen as by COPPA regulations Permanent RetroMC true
03c72 PeterandLukas Griefing Dec 19, 2023 1:06:36 PM RetroMC false
12c09 minecraftfred Minor Griefing Dec 13, 2023 1:01:38 PM RetroMC false
ce12a Olek122 Minor Griefing Dec 13, 2023 11:39:19 AM RetroMC false
7287b igor123 Altering Player Builds Dec 15, 2023 11:33:01 AM RetroMC false
30b93 Compy Minor Griefing Dec 15, 2023 11:00:59 AM RetroMC false
47824 PerfectulSimplu Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
cd2eb aqu1noxx Xray Permanent RetroMC true
77c82 SuzMound Xray Permanent RetroMC true
ada45 Owen2k6 Risk of Compromised Account Dec 10, 2023 4:29:52 PM RetroMC false
1106f Sumsonite Bigotry, Racism, Harassment Permanent RetroMC true
4cdfb denobrine123 Racism Permanent RetroMC true
417c6 mulitiplachion Harassing Staff Members, Ban Transfered From Discord Permanent RetroMC true
448a5 captun Altering Building Without Permission, Trapping Dogs Dec 9, 2023 3:27:14 AM RetroMC false
cc543 nicklaz001 Griefing, Trapping Dogs, Bigotry Permanent RetroMC true
df764 Homophobic_guy X-ray Permanent RetroMC true
4bf34 Legiblecash8 COPPA regulations under age of thirteen Permanent RetroMC true
4f177 Alvgeirr Griefing, Refusing to listen to staff Permanent RetroMC true
77951 Piter2511 Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
2ba5d justlucidra COPPA regulations under thirteen years of age Permanent RetroMC true
f72a7 tguard Minor Griefing Dec 2, 2023 6:56:31 AM RetroMC false
dadc1 CivilWarInFrance Minor Griefing Nov 27, 2023 5:36:04 AM RetroMC false
3155f Promanu Advertising Permanent RetroMC true
5f897 SPurdie Minor Griefing/NSFW Dec 2, 2023 1:02:18 PM RetroMC false
6ecc7 BradyBSB Racism Permanent RetroMC true
903be mrcool20 Griefing Dec 2, 2023 5:43:55 AM RetroMC false
6606b FalwI Minor Griefing Nov 19, 2023 6:51:30 AM RetroMC false
17d31 Githis Racism Permanent RetroMC true
50730 CichyMonster Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
ab024 pipEXit Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
4d123 XxGeproxX Griefing Nov 11, 2023 4:16:45 AM RetroMC false
20408 Neveverr Bigotry Permanent RetroMC true
1ef7e Xchofica Ban Appeal Accepted Dec 24, 2023 10:19:26 AM RetroMC false
cdcab Enderman_Fire Griefing Nov 8, 2023 10:13:43 AM RetroMC false
95bc7 Max_UA Ban Appeal Accepted Oct 24, 2023 12:03:01 AM RetroMC false
4652e Pyruuuu Xray Permanent RetroMC true
e36a8 fsudfouadfgo03 Racism Permanent RetroMC true
bbc47 cookie3014 COPPA under 13 years of age Permanent RetroMC true
b2ea2 turtlesflying COPPA under 13 years of age Permanent RetroMC true
54021 domovishche1478 Nazism, Minor Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
5eb10 THESHERIFF29 Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
4d1bb pilot1218 Staff Disrespect, Staff Harassment, Racism Permanent RetroMC true
9915d KitKat05Boo Claiming Abanondened Base, Griefing Sep 20, 2023 11:04:35 AM RetroMC false
491fc theDragoon007 Claiming Abandoned base, griefing Sep 20, 2023 11:04:15 AM RetroMC false
4565b adimgoon racism Permanent RetroMC true
c97fc dcppe Bigotry Permanent RetroMC true
5cb80 Lord_Bickerson Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
720b3 32u Suspected Xray, Staff Disrespect and Exploiting Permanent RetroMC true
a8cbc Stalledsnake363 Xray Permanent RetroMC true
42567 Ludweek Griefing Diamond Block - Ban Time Reduced due to Accepted Ban Appeal Aug 12, 2023 2:34:37 PM RetroMC false
10eed AlexisLaurier Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
d623d Fortnite_Sex_Man change your username due to it being NSFW Permanent RetroMC true
dcd8c ViseayTheProto Stealing Iron Block Permanent RetroMC true
7fe6a R4yven Advertising Permanent RetroMC false
2a010 m4st3r2alt Stealing Crops May 14, 2023 8:11:04 AM RetroMC false
357fe Skandynaw Stealing Crops May 14, 2023 7:58:27 AM RetroMC false
f442d bray_the_small Stealing Crops May 10, 2023 7:55:27 AM RetroMC false
8c8f0 DawnExclipse Claiming Abandoned House, Minor Griefing May 21, 2023 7:49:02 AM RetroMC false
f5597 activatewindows5 Minor Griefing May 10, 2023 7:38:26 AM RetroMC false
6c182 gregdan3 Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
6d864 ch3mohm4d Lava Casting, Major Griefing, Assisted Grief Permanent RetroMC true
e517a mohmad Lava Casting, Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
564f1 Hatenex Minor Griefing, Trolling Apr 28, 2023 11:19:29 AM RetroMC false
2bbd3 stinklord69 Nazism skin Permanent RetroMC true
11bfc SSnapse Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
322e7 relounderscore Stealing Crops, Minor Griefing Apr 22, 2023 7:22:48 PM RetroMC false
f6252 cokainedude Xray Permanent RetroMC true
15153 BlueBot Advertising Permanent BetaLands true
3c93e Alexander06092 Minor Griefing Mar 22, 2023 9:51:05 AM RetroMC false
9e315 Retronics Toxicity, Not taking mutes seriously, Disrespectful Permanent RetroMC true
0f411 CaptainBritain76 Minor Nazism Mar 19, 2023 6:14:18 PM RetroMC false
1ca54 Dre123 Minor Griefing Mar 10, 2023 8:50:08 AM BetaLands false
09b48 Kirill_YT Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
526b4 Adanichan Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
8556a thetboys Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
8ab1e Mastering Major Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
67b49 frezsh Xray Permanent RetroMC true
7e527 PixelPulse Griefing Feb 12, 2023 12:00:23 PM RetroMC false
376c8 PlushFern558057 Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
76b34 ytniki Second Offense, Player killing Permanent RetroMC true
07b8c LordResiduum Minor Griefing Jan 14, 2023 8:33:02 AM RetroMC false
cec45 Ghostly_Dreams Racism Permanent BetaLands true
d3b91 Mr_York892 Racism Permanent BetaLands true
4ee44 ABDULWISIMULACHA Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
bbd60 lukicholuj Breaking COPPA regulations, minor griefing, attempted player killing Permanent RetroMC true
aa403 FuzzyKitten1010 Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
6b6a2 teatime Major Griefing, Lava Casting Permanent BetaLands true
0b3fe wish Namesquatting, Major Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
31d93 Andromeda_713 Griefing, Lava Cast, admitting to grief Permanent BetaLands true
68eeb MrRudy Nazism Permanent RetroMC true
2f3fc NotVessel Xraying and Griefing diamond block Permanent RetroMC true
e50f9 InfamousMaster Xraying Permanent RetroMC true
4d111 hailkuato Xraying Permanent RetroMC true
e67ed insult Minor Griefing Jan 2, 2023 6:12:50 PM RetroMC false
bd1c9 clowingaround Minor Griefing Dec 30, 2022 12:06:19 PM RetroMC false
ef7da fard_man Breaking COPPA regulations, Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
c63bb Miroslav Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
7c1d1 KrimeczeG Racism Permanent RetroMC true
d0c1b Austin3CR killing players Jan 1, 2023 12:36:03 PM RetroMC false
630d7 joeyd921 killing players Jan 1, 2023 12:35:47 PM RetroMC false
8781f SkungelDjog Minor Griefing Dec 21, 2022 4:09:40 PM RetroMC false
d8a6b x4qmc Minor Griefing Dec 20, 2022 9:55:47 AM RetroMC false
d2871 trollmakoto Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
abcc6 GreenDodge1 Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
d6711 chocchyy Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
882b7 martusin Killing players, Lava Casting, Harassment Permanent RetroMC true
91bc8 CH_Triple_HD Ban Evasion, Advertising, Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
46d7e alongcameafinity Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
d18ec cpay Xray Permanent RetroMC true
60e54 CoolhandLukey11 Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
d75dc TheNamesJamesXD Mute Evading Dec 25, 2022 4:30:07 AM RetroMC false
17725 TheNamesJamesXD mute evading Dec 11, 2022 4:31:24 AM RetroMC false
e96dc battletoads Advertising, Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
bb500 Bkvz Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
a8213 SoManyMike69 Bigotry, Nsfw Permanent RetroMC true
3ba8c Fa1ntly Bigotry, Nsfw Permanent RetroMC true
9b4a5 NoahFaithful Major Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
349da Dominoland111 Minor Griefing Dec 19, 2022 5:43:59 PM RetroMC false
0978c moondrey Griefing Dec 19, 2022 3:22:35 PM RetroMC false
3d473 Adovin Staff Harassment, Piracy Permanent RetroMC true
a6b26 FindingRuin Stealing Valuable Blocks Permanent BetaLands true
8c1e1 f9c9f685713a40d8 Minor Griefing Dec 7, 2022 10:02:07 AM RetroMC false
e7f6d Jakey2002 Nsfw Dec 13, 2022 10:09:35 AM RetroMC false
c106e SpringTheSniper Minor Griefing Dec 4, 2022 7:11:16 AM RetroMC false
e55bf Sanya228337 Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
d45ec Acetonz Minor Griefing Dec 3, 2022 1:02:10 PM RetroMC false
351ea Andromedis Major Griefing Permanent Old School Minecraft true
9ec26 Legitgoat Minor Griefing Dec 2, 2022 3:28:08 PM RetroMC false
48549 BietTuotClever Griefing Permanent Old School Minecraft true
9068b lukicholuj Minor Griefing Dec 7, 2022 11:12:21 AM RetroMC false
f9406 Perfectmanx7465 Racism Permanent RetroMC true
811f8 Rarefinder Minor Griefing Nov 26, 2022 10:04:18 AM RetroMC false
db5a0 Fallacys Racism, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
3b20e MHF_Beans Racism, continuing drama, nsfw discussions Permanent RetroMC true
eb1dd gay_banana Racism Permanent RetroMC true
db85f PODOLAC Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
faa51 KickKat Nsfw, Racism, Griefing, Second Offense Permanent BetaLands true
0493f ProCzopek Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
c4177 dakto_ Minor Griefing Nov 6, 2022 8:39:47 AM BetaLands false
625a2 C0mmanderGoose Minor Griefing Nov 4, 2022 10:53:03 AM RetroMC false
42b32 FinnedWindowz Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
8873d ItsFoodle Minor Griefing Nov 2, 2022 12:29:45 PM RetroMC false
71e7d EskimoCanadian4 Nazism Permanent RetroMC true
849c5 lsbigworld31 Ban Evading Permanent RetroMC true
7951c jeyundogged91897 Advertising Permanent RetroMC false
8a826 RocketWolf Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
e87d7 Suh_Kon_Mai_Cawc Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
82a95 Dirk_Digglr Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
8b6f9 Binkiie Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
b226f Karusmari Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
2c52f _GoldMax_ Racism, Second Offense, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
0f68b Puffer Racism Permanent RetroMC true
9c007 Yhyhyhy Second Offense, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
a4cae Dartyman Minor Griefing Oct 15, 2022 8:03:58 AM RetroMC false
db451 buddyandmarly Minor Griefing Oct 6, 2022 4:05:56 PM RetroMC false
f45d4 Junki Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
3ed5b Megalopiks Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
3ec7e BajwaOOF Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
888a0 whiteacat Minor Griefing Sep 27, 2022 2:21:57 PM RetroMC false
fd716 Churchmaster Lavacast, Nazism Permanent BetaLands true
58521 Daniel072313 Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
330f8 Hausemastor Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
76777 Noggisoggi Ban Time Reduced Oct 3, 2022 3:41:20 AM RetroMC false
4e1a8 xx_fatboy_xx Stealing Crops, Minor Griefing Sep 7, 2022 10:21:58 AM RetroMC false
49dbd Revert Ban Evasion Permanent RetroMC true
a079f feederparker Minor Griefing Aug 23, 2022 8:05:20 AM BetaLands false
ed092 Gure69 Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
f00fc Cloudynator Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
32e94 FireYT Advertising Permanent RetroMC true
34643 SteveTheSwede Minor Griefing Aug 21, 2022 1:46:46 PM BetaLands false
9f618 SteveTheSwede Minor Griefing Permanent BetaLands false
7df71 emiliasalami Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
0ee38 Riolucario Griefing Permanent BetaLands true
59ddf TowarzyszGrzybek Minor Griefing Aug 17, 2022 9:10:35 AM RetroMC false
ab0a8 twilightsparkz Potentially Ban Evading, Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
01a61 Loganator1121 Ban Time Reduced Aug 2, 2022 5:59:22 PM RetroMC false
87c89 JuliusVan Multiple Rule Infractions Permanent BetaLands true
83d5b GoodKindHuman Stealing Crops, Minor Griefing Aug 7, 2022 9:52:29 AM RetroMC false
35a19 XpheriaYT Minor Griefing Jul 28, 2022 9:26:22 AM RetroMC false
585f3 IRSScammer Ban Evasion, Major Griefing, Nazism Permanent RetroMC true
735ad Grommer Ban Evasion Permanent RetroMC true
9ac14 Moonman Promoting Suicide, Harassment, Ban Evasion Permanent RetroMC true
18c36 Dreem Racism Oct 17, 2022 5:25:59 AM RetroMC false
d622e KillBlax Racism, Bigotry Oct 17, 2022 5:23:40 AM RetroMC false
18b1b Riley_Kun Griefing, Stealing Crops Permanent RetroMC true
d00f1 faintlyware Lava Casting Permanent RetroMC true
bc364 candid3oner12 Griefing Aug 17, 2022 5:05:03 AM RetroMC false
be566 mjbmitch Griefing, Stealing Crops Aug 17, 2022 5:04:06 AM RetroMC false
236fe TaughtFiber Ban Reduced Aug 7, 2022 4:44:49 AM RetroMC false
2beb3 TaughtFiber Griefing Sep 12, 2022 10:44:29 AM RetroMC false
1097b whet Second Offense, Minor Griefing Aug 10, 2022 4:42:17 AM RetroMC false
375c2 robloxgamer Racism, Griefing Oct 9, 2022 7:49:04 AM BetaLands false
ad009 josh Racism Sep 9, 2022 7:42:50 AM BetaLands false
1e021 robloxgamer Racism Sep 9, 2022 7:42:31 AM BetaLands false
32682 MatesAn21 Minor Griefing Jul 16, 2022 6:06:35 AM RetroMC false
6754d zaku Griefing Aug 22, 2022 11:32:29 AM RetroMC false
6d8f9 Storm_Surge1 Griefing Aug 22, 2022 11:30:15 AM RetroMC false
aa9c0 AFurryMan Griefing, Stealing Valuable Blocks Permanent Old School Minecraft true
63f15 ThrillTommy Griefing Aug 20, 2022 6:10:54 AM Old School Minecraft false
b71c7 Real_GigaChad Ban Evasion Permanent Old School Minecraft true
f3625 xmmune Griefing Jul 11, 2022 5:17:07 AM BetaLands false
9f08c FuriousGamerXX Griefing Aug 11, 2022 5:14:02 AM BetaLands false
02f16 idkwts Griefing Jul 11, 2022 4:48:04 AM BetaLands false
f3165 blockblock11 Minor Griefing Jun 16, 2022 4:41:40 AM BetaLands false
74a73 jerhms Minor Griefing Jun 18, 2022 4:38:40 AM BetaLands false
5f63c StickyBallSacc Minor Griefing Jul 8, 2022 5:18:28 PM Old School Minecraft false
db0c0 WetArmss Minor Griefing Jul 8, 2022 5:14:48 PM Old School Minecraft false
5aba2 XxxGamerxxX Trolling Jun 12, 2022 12:42:13 PM RetroMC false
f1a94 whet Minor Griefing Jun 26, 2022 5:26:54 AM RetroMC false
924bf twicetzuyu23 Minor Griefing Jun 5, 2022 4:58:28 AM Old School Minecraft false
92515 denyedrov Swastika Jun 19, 2022 3:53:56 PM RetroMC false
926e0 jaekki Stealing Crops Jun 16, 2022 6:55:30 AM Old School Minecraft false
6d0be Kruchy322 Griefing Jul 11, 2022 7:15:43 AM RetroMC false
72d88 banana12345 Minor Griefing May 10, 2022 4:00:03 PM RetroMC false
62d76 1q6eas Advertising Permanent RetroMC true
9935f LotsOfIGNS Griefing Jul 5, 2022 2:46:03 PM BetaLands false
dd9e2 moonkm Griefing Aug 5, 2022 2:38:02 PM BetaLands false
415c8 Dreadcraft Griefing May 19, 2022 2:32:47 PM BetaLands false
67e1b moonkm Griefing Jul 5, 2022 2:26:25 PM BetaLands false
74c87 mcsillyboy29430 Minor Griefing May 7, 2022 9:00:13 AM RetroMC false
d8469 Olakomostar Griefing Jun 14, 2022 3:36:31 PM Old School Minecraft false
99130 flupp_ Racism Permanent Old School Minecraft true
8b38e lvnn Killing Dog Permanent Old School Minecraft true
53b6f lvnn Killing Dog Apr 17, 2022 2:17:43 PM Old School Minecraft false
e96e5 bloxstrap Minor Griefing Jun 9, 2022 12:22:34 PM Old School Minecraft false
f40af zoomli Griefing Jun 8, 2022 4:23:23 PM Old School Minecraft false
88a56 theDeadlyMachine Minor Griefing Apr 11, 2022 8:23:05 AM BetaLands false
ccf85 HenryC11 Minor Griefing Apr 11, 2022 8:20:49 AM BetaLands false
fe9cd them Grief Permanent BetaLands true
87446 Thecoffeys Griefing May 4, 2022 8:16:06 AM BetaLands false
9421e PadinskaSkela Minor Griefing Apr 11, 2022 8:13:32 AM BetaLands false
61fbf SimbaXTosha Griefing Jun 4, 2022 8:10:06 AM BetaLands false
0368e Bannanbanned111 Griefing Jun 1, 2022 10:35:05 AM Old School Minecraft false
eeff7 4id3n360 Lowered Ban Duration Mar 17, 2022 11:56:33 AM RetroMC false
10ef0 Yhyhyhy Griefing Apr 12, 2022 8:43:55 AM RetroMC false
24cfa minecraftpower Griefing Apr 12, 2022 8:43:26 AM RetroMC false
e2618 l1qyy Griefing Feb 28, 2022 11:43:58 AM BetaLands false
3c3e8 robcub Griefing Mar 31, 2022 11:33:37 AM BetaLands false
cca99 machiosan Griefing Mar 31, 2022 11:20:18 AM BetaLands false
371fe veyer7 Griefing Jan 30, 2022 10:24:06 AM RetroMC false
8ce46 Qskaras Griefing Apr 15, 2022 9:43:41 AM BetaLands false
69287 Teymi4821 Griefing Mar 2, 2022 12:34:36 PM RetroMC false
a3e3c RilaxYT Griefing Mar 31, 2022 8:02:49 AM BetaLands false
8827b BeezleYT Griefing Feb 28, 2022 1:15:27 PM BetaLands false
5f720 JazRbt Minor Griefing Jan 4, 2022 8:54:56 AM BetaLands false
495a5 adnan Griefing Feb 28, 2022 8:51:36 AM BetaLands false
9c0fe TheBetaSteve fly hacking/minor Griefing Feb 28, 2022 8:45:44 AM BetaLands false
a04f8 STOL3N Griefing Feb 23, 2022 3:42:20 PM BetaLands false
22c15 Gibby Major Griefing, Swastika, Stole Gold Blocks Permanent RetroMC true
d2c2d Peti1003 Griefing Dec 25, 2021 4:27:43 PM RetroMC false
553f1 The_AnarKist Lowered Ban time Jan 11, 2022 6:45:20 AM RetroMC false
52f13 The_AnarKist Griefing, X-Raying Permanent RetroMC false
9ec7b xbozo Assisted Grief, Major Griefing, Stealing Gold Blocks Permanent RetroMC true
fc38e fixyoursticks Major Griefing, Stealing Gold Blocks Permanent RetroMC true
15834 Bogdan Stealing, Griefing Dec 30, 2021 11:07:17 AM RetroMC false
c170e memezuii Griefing Dec 7, 2021 2:56:03 PM RetroMC false
72f02 mxqz Griefing Dec 7, 2021 10:01:13 AM RetroMC false
c426d DidIAskTho Griefing, Stealing Feb 23, 2022 8:18:16 AM RetroMC false
5ea87 rytmus420 Griefing Jan 18, 2022 5:31:47 AM RetroMC false
b7c78 matheus racism Nov 10, 2021 3:52:49 AM BetaLands false
f80fb nnelG2102 Griefing Dec 17, 2021 2:48:11 PM BetaLands false
19dba divinearceus Minor Griefing Oct 31, 2021 2:34:58 PM BetaLands false
df83f Edwinox Griefing Dec 24, 2021 4:06:33 AM RetroMC false
3491f Quackers2272 Minor Griefing Sep 30, 2021 7:49:29 AM RetroMC false
14ba7 Gusteivo Minor Griefing Sep 29, 2021 12:17:53 PM RetroMC false
bdddc Happy_M00N Racism Oct 7, 2021 4:15:01 AM BetaLands false
47c20 itz_2b_2t Minor Griefing Sep 13, 2021 12:51:29 AM BetaLands false
16553 Stalledsnake Griefing Nov 1, 2021 3:45:55 AM BetaLands false
e6e3a wavyhubz Griefing Sep 30, 2021 5:46:44 AM RetroMC false
bad9d Khoulps Stealing Sep 14, 2021 5:40:07 AM RetroMC false
ec4fe Tesla_175 Minor Griefing Sep 6, 2021 11:41:13 AM RetroMC false
42262 mogilounge since 250d area Aug 30, 2021 11:32:20 AM RetroMC false
7d530 Lafalafado Griefing Sep 30, 2021 7:35:21 AM RetroMC false
77537 user11001101 Minor Griefing Sep 5, 2021 11:08:43 AM RetroMC false
7b328 2000000000000000 Griefing Sep 29, 2021 11:04:39 AM RetroMC false
d6523 eldenring1fan Racism Sep 27, 2021 3:23:35 PM RetroMC false
bb63f hartleyterw Racism Sep 27, 2021 3:20:41 PM RetroMC false
3fa4c odpay Racism Oct 27, 2021 3:44:27 AM BetaLands false
200b8 Jaccob2k Major Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
3e74b Frenzy12 trying to mute evade with alt Aug 31, 2021 10:51:39 AM RetroMC false
19e5d Frenzy13 Mute Evading Aug 31, 2021 10:45:19 AM RetroMC false
eaadd Bam Griefing Sep 7, 2021 4:01:48 AM RetroMC false
a9174 __dxrkness__ Griefing Sep 24, 2021 3:49:10 AM RetroMC false
e768b thine_dave Griefing Oct 21, 2021 5:11:54 AM RetroMC false
63903 Goranigra Advertising Permanent RetroMC true
acf61 _applemark Griefing Sep 10, 2021 12:46:42 AM RetroMC false
692bd Viggynotpiggy Griefing Sep 10, 2021 12:43:33 AM RetroMC false
47f66 Icrazyfang Griefing Nov 14, 2021 5:46:03 AM RetroMC false
39c7e KickKat sign racism/pedophilia Aug 20, 2021 6:16:11 AM BetaLands false
2cdf0 Xx_C4PR1C_xX Lava Cast Permanent BetaLands true
46cac NASA20 Griefing Sep 2, 2021 10:02:53 AM RetroMC false
c445b Lombar12 Griefing/Second Offense Permanent RetroMC true
35063 89meena Building without permission/Ignoring warnings Aug 19, 2021 8:39:40 AM RetroMC false
ac525 Arson_arson_ Minor Griefing Aug 12, 2021 7:36:09 AM RetroMC false
051e5 slowxs Griefing Oct 1, 2021 2:54:18 PM RetroMC false
89093 Cosmotex Griefing Sep 1, 2021 4:41:45 AM RetroMC false
a5560 ODogMcGee Minor Griefing Aug 14, 2021 12:11:52 PM RetroMC false
ba435 Pettyfer12 Minor Griefing Aug 7, 2021 12:01:19 PM RetroMC false
aa048 SethLJ_ Racism Aug 30, 2021 6:12:10 AM RetroMC false
03179 skepsis_ Minor Griefing Aug 8, 2021 3:06:07 PM RetroMC false
04072 LucaForever Racism Aug 19, 2021 9:48:09 AM BetaLands false
04df9 Von_Lohengramm Griefing Sep 13, 2021 6:14:28 AM RetroMC false
e14e0 isac_stj Griefing Sep 11, 2021 6:40:27 AM RetroMC false
8b09a Beebo222 Griefing Sep 4, 2021 5:57:08 AM RetroMC false
a04e5 MainRaider Griefing, Swastika Aug 3, 2021 10:58:59 AM RetroMC false
baa32 adnpst Griefing Sep 1, 2021 2:01:08 PM RetroMC false
bba96 theodoreisfunny Xray Hacking Permanent RetroMC true
3b218 PurpelCreeper Minor Griefing Jul 4, 2021 3:10:53 PM RetroMC false
dc26c SadPatrician Griefing Jul 27, 2021 3:06:57 PM RetroMC false
c64cc PR1MEAPE Griefing Aug 27, 2021 3:04:22 PM RetroMC false
eac68 zxpedro___ Major Griefing Oct 5, 2021 12:28:32 PM BetaLands false
5321e yumns Major Griefing/Stealing valuable blocks Permanent BetaLands true
b8592 Swackle Griefing Aug 2, 2021 4:44:48 AM BetaLands false
98e69 ohio920dagamer Minor Griefing May 30, 2021 9:00:22 AM RetroMC false
19adf cafe7 Griefing Jun 17, 2021 2:59:13 PM RetroMC false
9acf3 nl_ighte Griefing Jun 17, 2021 2:56:51 PM RetroMC false
2e63b Noobleeo Griefing Jul 13, 2021 10:48:28 AM RetroMC false
17bcf ReyPeyYouTube Griefing Jun 13, 2021 10:40:40 AM RetroMC false
461ec alextheglowstick Minor Griefing May 18, 2021 5:55:22 AM RetroMC false
4c5ac GniewoszPlamisty Minor Griefing May 15, 2021 6:04:12 AM RetroMC false
2b6d4 meelzchad Griefing Jun 1, 2021 5:58:38 AM RetroMC false
35958 seexyoda Minor Griefing May 5, 2021 1:52:04 PM BetaLands false
91ac2 Luc002 Griefing, Second Offense Permanent BetaLands true
24ab1 Luc002 Griefing Jun 28, 2021 1:36:57 PM BetaLands false
27dc6 Lypelity Griefing, Second Offense Permanent RetroMC true
a2854 4id3n360 Minor Griefing May 24, 2021 9:15:05 AM RetroMC false
36e3d OLiwiA2881 Minor Griefing Apr 29, 2021 9:49:34 AM RetroMC false
3e7fd kwby Griefing Jun 22, 2021 9:46:00 AM RetroMC false
5f826 thrzr Minor Griefing May 16, 2021 7:49:25 AM RetroMC false
71689 wiji1 Minor Griefing Apr 23, 2021 6:44:29 AM RetroMC false
1500d mogilounge Griefing Jul 10, 2021 4:16:45 AM RetroMC false
4ba80 TechManPrieto Griefing May 7, 2021 10:39:29 AM RetroMC false
851ea _FakeBoi_ Lavacast Permanent BetaLands true
62a9f Peperos Disrespect/Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
c69cb pidgeonn_ Lava cast Permanent RetroMC true
7489d NicoDoesMusic Major Griefing, Lava cast Permanent RetroMC true
4505b KreYxy Griefing, Lava cast Permanent RetroMC true
fdae6 N00bCrush3r Minor Griefing Apr 5, 2021 3:55:23 PM RetroMC false
32035 _1ly_ Griefing Apr 21, 2021 3:16:17 PM RetroMC false
0d412 Filip1311 Minor Griefing Mar 28, 2021 2:45:02 PM RetroMC false
d6866 Screams_Echo Griefing May 13, 2021 11:44:17 AM RetroMC false
ce468 osakk_ Griefing May 13, 2021 5:18:54 AM RetroMC false
6491d lilyyisdum Griefing Apr 11, 2021 2:53:59 PM RetroMC false
4a960 Gridnox Griefing May 11, 2021 2:48:33 PM RetroMC false
b1864 ClownMaster08 Griefing Apr 7, 2021 7:32:26 AM RetroMC false
60405 greenpendrek Minor Griefing Mar 20, 2021 7:14:55 AM RetroMC false
dddc0 sekualpredator Griefing May 6, 2021 5:30:09 AM BetaLands false
8de03 virgil48YT Minor Griefing Mar 10, 2021 2:28:37 AM RetroMC false
181b7 greeen_monkey Griefing Mar 28, 2021 4:13:53 PM RetroMC false
2d67e Matador2310 Griefing Mar 18, 2021 10:08:20 AM RetroMC false
71f96 lera_10 Griefing May 18, 2021 9:53:03 AM RetroMC false
b7efd Sarahgames15 Minor Griefing Mar 3, 2021 12:24:40 PM RetroMC false
8e156 DiamondCraft1234 Minor Griefing Mar 3, 2021 12:12:28 PM RetroMC false
4a358 politeseal101 Griefing Mar 11, 2021 3:06:04 PM RetroMC false
a780f Dogwodl Griefing Mar 11, 2021 6:43:03 AM RetroMC false
bb768 ThatLore_ Minor Griefing Mar 8, 2021 11:47:11 AM RetroMC false
8a443 Ge0man1177 Duplicate Ban Permanent RetroMC true
6662f mhat0 Griefing Mar 3, 2021 4:21:13 AM RetroMC false
346ec Ge0man1177 Griefing Mar 3, 2021 4:15:03 AM RetroMC false
940f6 JadenMarc_YT Major Griefing, Lava cast Permanent RetroMC true
a2ec1 byuswampmonster Griefing Apr 1, 2021 3:22:51 PM RetroMC false
895d7 ssshade Griefing Mar 30, 2021 12:06:36 PM RetroMC false
d44c8 RoboChaser Griefing Feb 28, 2021 10:35:36 AM RetroMC false
9997a ThisKid_79 spamming Jan 25, 2021 12:39:47 PM RetroMC false
bc6ba orange_or_smthn Griefing Feb 25, 2021 8:51:09 AM RetroMC false
b67a9 Drogba namesquatting Permanent RetroMC true
7a2e5 Drog namesquatting Permanent RetroMC true
14811 WaaSusi X-ray Permanent RetroMC true
7f54e trestontape X-ray Permanent RetroMC true
dbdbd DrKoolAid X-ray Permanent RetroMC false
dbac5 Lypelity Minor Griefing Jan 24, 2021 12:46:36 PM RetroMC false
25a14 R4inclouds Minor Griefing Jan 23, 2021 6:22:19 AM RetroMC false
bbc29 BentonBad Griefing Mar 17, 2021 6:42:07 AM RetroMC false
f3051 maclaxer12 Griefing Mar 19, 2021 3:10:20 AM RetroMC false
1ee51 FlightOnPerc30 Major Griefing Apr 17, 2021 1:19:16 PM RetroMC false
0059b MrUnfunnyic Minor Griefing Feb 17, 2021 12:31:33 PM RetroMC false
a0b03 Corvo Griefing Mar 2, 2021 10:22:19 AM RetroMC false
db54e iFaGz Griefing valuable blocks Mar 16, 2021 7:38:24 AM RetroMC false
8697c player MrUnfunnyic Minor Griefing Feb 17, 2021 12:30:16 PM RetroMC false
1c63c Maroba Griefing Mar 23, 2021 4:25:29 PM RetroMC false
36036 xXCreeperFaceHD Griefing Mar 8, 2021 4:03:38 AM RetroMC false
57d12 _Nowu Griefing Feb 20, 2021 11:58:08 AM RetroMC false
d7520 surge86 Minor Griefing Feb 8, 2021 4:09:09 AM RetroMC false
ad291 ConfutoExercitus Griefing Feb 17, 2021 1:18:40 PM RetroMC false
5ce19 CandyKats Griefing Feb 28, 2021 3:57:38 AM RetroMC false
dee84 radojekat griefing Feb 18, 2021 1:51:07 PM RetroMC false