RetroMC Ban Database - Connected to LMBD

A global bans list designed for the Minecraft legacy community.



Bans Issued

Ban ID Player Reason Expiry Server Ban Active IssuedUNIX
9390d FatTV_oil Racism, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
18b3d GumSL Griefing Dec 8, 2023 11:44:33 AM RetroMC true
72806 MineradorX Cracked Account Permanent RetroMC false
3ff3a 4Puff Minor Griefing & Attempted Pet Assassination Nov 27, 2023 9:34:05 AM RetroMC false
88afb alexa331243 Minor Griefing Nov 26, 2023 1:03:01 PM RetroMC false
6ca92 neatles Ban Evasion Permanent RetroMC true
50eda XV_Clutch Taking over another player's base, Minor Griefing Nov 25, 2023 1:07:38 PM RetroMC false
0c894 Zuzia123321 Minor Griefing Nov 24, 2023 3:54:30 PM RetroMC false
44c57 Fast1Kk Advertising Permanent RetroMC true