RetroMC Ban Database - Connected to LMBD

A global bans list designed for the Minecraft legacy community.



Bans Issued

Ban ID Player Reason Expiry Server Ban Active IssuedUNIX
0e073 Sandwhich_eater1 Minor Griefing Mar 26, 2024 9:43:18 PM RetroMC false
a3de3 HeXedek Racism Permanent RetroMC true
51188 V3NXM Minor griefing Mar 21, 2024 3:12:43 PM RetroMC false
6c707 vkolos Racism Permanent RetroMC true
d0458 UCFTyler Minor Griefing Mar 19, 2024 12:21:14 AM RetroMC false
30936 keppydeppy Racism Permanent RetroMC true
5ef8a snoopsiepie Bigotry Permanent RetroMC true
54d19 snowmen1234 Minor griefing Mar 1, 2024 1:39:52 PM RetroMC false
6e992 Doctorpurpl Minor Griefing Feb 27, 2024 2:31:27 PM RetroMC false
e39ba iPickleXD Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
08967 ZombieMojo28 Minor Griefing Feb 19, 2024 12:12:58 PM RetroMC false
6012c WanderFOFtGi Major Crop Stealing Permanent RetroMC true
0a33e GoldenKow64 Xray Permanent RetroMC true
b39de Miscellaneous243 Minor Griefing Feb 9, 2024 4:58:25 PM RetroMC false
540ae Captain_Krumby NSFW structure & Minor griefing Permanent RetroMC true
8c55e GH0UL000 Minor Griefing Jan 24, 2024 6:02:28 PM RetroMC false
b9120 S1gma Unbanned - User does not own account Jan 25, 2024 11:26:12 AM RetroMC false
34296 luis02 Minor Griefing Jan 25, 2024 10:28:41 AM RetroMC false
268b7 XxxBOAHxxX Ban transferred from OSM Permanent RetroMC true
e3e00 Selltser Griefing Jan 29, 2024 2:16:58 PM RetroMC false
2a512 xLuce Minor Griefing Jan 15, 2024 1:33:34 PM RetroMC false
5f0ce mithkal Minor griefing Jan 14, 2024 4:15:39 PM RetroMC false
d6388 Mondei1 False ban Jan 14, 2024 1:46:36 PM RetroMC false
c3199 __ShadowMaster__ Minor Griefing Jan 5, 2024 2:58:04 PM RetroMC false
6f9d9 JoseDPTexas Minor Griefing Dec 22, 2023 10:53:17 AM RetroMC false
5237e Greenpoopeater Racism & Minor griefing Permanent RetroMC true
824dc Sponge_09 COPPA - Player is underage (you must be 13 to play here) Permanent RetroMC true
dc2b8 popejoint Staff Disrespect and griefing: Player responded with disrespecting insults towards a staff member after being told to replace the torches they griefed Permanent RetroMC true
9390d FatTV_oil Racism, Griefing Permanent RetroMC true
18b3d GumSL Griefing Dec 8, 2023 11:44:33 AM RetroMC false
72806 MineradorX Cracked Account Permanent RetroMC false
3ff3a 4Puff Minor Griefing & Attempted Pet Assassination Nov 27, 2023 9:34:05 AM RetroMC false
88afb alexa331243 Minor Griefing Nov 26, 2023 1:03:01 PM RetroMC false
6ca92 neatles Ban Evasion Permanent RetroMC true
50eda XV_Clutch Taking over another player's base, Minor Griefing Nov 25, 2023 1:07:38 PM RetroMC false
0c894 Zuzia123321 Minor Griefing Nov 24, 2023 3:54:30 PM RetroMC false
44c57 Fast1Kk Advertising Permanent RetroMC true